In Portland, Oregon, a millwright has solved his housing difficulties using a structure 40 feet lengthy and 7-1/2 feet in diameter. He lives in an old smokestack and finds that he has a lot area that he has partitioned off the back half of his strange dwelling, using only the front half for his bedroom plus a mixture living space and kitchen.

Homes Reflect Owners' Curious Whims (Jul, 1934)

Homes Reflect Owners' Curious Whims

TAKING their cue from the celebrated old woman who lived in a shoe breitling watches replica , modern house builders, moved by whims or necessity, have fashioned strange dwellings which outrival essentially the most excellent nursery rhyme.

Perched on the sands of a southern California beach, for example, is definitely an ocean-going yacht which has never put to sea. It was constructed as a home, not a ship; but the nautical influence is comprehensive from ladder entrance and porthole windows to a dummy anchor which has been dropped overboard into the sand. Bunks are substituted for bedrooms as well as the stern is arranged for garage space.

A niche between two substantial rocks within the hilly country close to Riverside, California, has been utilized to type an unusual property. The V-shaped nook has been enlarged with building blocks and closed using a door quality swiss replica breitling , forming a triangular area for its lone occupant and his dog.

An old ship's funnel within the Oakland estuary in San Francisco bay serves as an ingenious dwelling. The stack lies on its side, the ends closed with a door and window opening, in all probability the last port of call for an old seaman.

The smallest 18-room home within the planet basically occupied by adults is really a miniature castle boasting many turrets and towers. Owned by a California Scot, the creating occupies a space only 14 by 19 feet. The living space is 5 feet by six, the bedrooms 5 by 6 breitling watch replicas . The kitchen is four feet square, housing a sink, cupboard and stove and opens into a three by 6 dining area containing the customary furnishings. In addition to these rooms the residence boasts a nursery, sun space, study, workshop and numerous guest rooms.

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